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Adhesive Eyeliner

Classic Shades of Gold - Eyeliner sticker 6 Pairs

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The Original Eyeliner Sticker with guaranteed quality or your money back:

If the doesn't stick
if doesn't work for you


The Eyeliner stickers are the genius invention that gives you a killer cat eye in no time!  It only takes a few seconds for the most flawlessly look you can get.

Here's how it works....

Start with dry clean skin!
1 - You carefully just peel off the sticker
2 - Adjust it with the outer corner of your eye
3 - Stick it on your eyelid and you're good to go! 

If you want, add some ink liner to the inner corner to complete the style. 

The eyeliner stickers come in tons of different designs and styles for all types of eye shapes and ethnicities. 


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