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Adhesive Eyeliner

New Eyeliner Meow - Matte Colorful 6 Pairs

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The Stick-on Eyeliner is the genius invention that gives you a killer cat eye in no time!  It only takes a few seconds for the most flawless look you can get.

  • 💋 PERFECT WINGS EVERY TIME - Stop with the uneven lines, the crooked creases, and the shaky symmetry. Apply a streamlined eyeliner sticker for an instant jaw-dropping effect on the first try.
  • 💋 REAPPLY AND STILL LOOK FLY - Why toss something you have invested in after the first wear? These eyeliner stickers can be reused multiple times with eyelash glue. Rock perfect eyeliner at work and parties!
  • 💋 ANATOMY-LOVING CONTOUR - Every eye is different, but your peepers will feel like the star of their very own show with these vivid, comfy adhesive eyeliner that is durable and stays put.
  • 💋 SAVES SO MUCH TIME - Wiping off and reapplying your cat-eye disasters is frustrating and a waste of time. Get ready quickly, just peel and stick. Natural eyeliner beauty in minutes!
  • 💋 EASY TO APPLY - With clean, dry skin, apply a temporary sticker from the outer edges to one closed eye at a time. Use before or after makeup. Press gently near your lashes and va-va voom!



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