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That Girl

Sold out Self-Adhesive Nipple Concealers Silicone - Light Skin Tone

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Embrace fearless style with SKIN-SAFE confidence.

Why do we love this product?

You know that freedom of being able to wear a blouse, t-shirt or dress without a bra? What? With the That Girl Breast Adhesive Silicone this is possible! It is a breast adhesive made of silicone, which molds perfectly to the body, covering the areola.

- Very comfortable.
- Hypoallergenic glue.
- You can reuse the silicone up to 25 times.

  1. Peel away the thin protective backing on the That Girl Silicone CoverUps.
  2. Center That Girl Silicone on your breast and press into place.
  3. Use the clear compact case for storage and travel.

Brand: That Girl

Made in Brazil with ❤


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